" burnt caramel and stale molasses "


"a subtlety, or the marvelous sugar baby," by kara walker: an artistic and multiple sculptural installation piece, as seen from the near-entrance of the now defunct domino sugar factory.

it touches upon the sugar trade itself, the subjugation of black women and sexuality, slavery, mammification, and racism in the states/in general.

powerful invisible fumes of dark sickly sweetness permeated the dank air inside the factory. the feeling of despair resounded throughout the space. we were not witness to solely a modern interpretation; we were allowed an entrance into seeing into the past. this was a time machine.

i noticed the diversity and the communal energies lingered on silence, small discussion, docent-led group tours, laughter, hipstery affected non-nonchalance, confrontations, discussions, and photography not because of photography, but so that people knew they were there.

all at once.

the themes explored, the majesty of the sphinx, the nuances, the odors, the lighting as they came into the space, shafted by the slotted windows high above...it made an indelible mark.