i mean, for serious though, one of the best nights. so simple and so rewarding!

a friend of mine wrote a dope article about a minority group of german settlers in what is now slovenia, whose descendents have also settled in ridgewood, queens.

if you have an interest in the tight-knit power of community, memory & tradition, and how a bar/restaurant can also be a community center, dancehall, and beacon of hope, please peep it out.

we were invited to join her to just experience the place, but we ended up discovering the charm, camaraderie, delicious foods, frosty beers, the magnetic allure of furiously proud & cheerful accordion polka playing/singing, and the beautiful timelessness of a well-loved half-lit dancefloor.

and a surprise KRAMPUSNAUCHT! whaaaa? horrifying! terrifying! sublime glee! it was pure magic in a true sense.

so thank yo so much, and big ups to you my peeps, lynette chiu, for sharing with us something singular and memorable.


reference for the article:

"a kingdom in queens"


gottscheer hall - “good food, good cheer, good friends!”