" a palpable magic "


when you have been given access to realms unknown, it behooves you to just take one moment to be still and behold.

it can be a place. like walking into a cathedral in the afternoon, the sunlight streaming in through the filter of massive stained glass panels. or walking into a stadium with thousands and thousands of people writhing in their seats cheering and filling up space.

or looking out from the edge of a massive canyon; the sheer size overshadowing you entirely, and you reset the scale of the world. or slipping beneath the surface of the ocean while waves of saltwater flow over and swirl around you; such a feeling of bliss and contentment to be held aloft and afloat by the sea.

people are like that too. you can find yourself in the presence of someone very special, and they fill you with awe, wonderment, a sense of love you've never known, and a flavor of beauty which you've never experienced.

when you have the opportunity to peer behind the green curtain, to cross over the threshold, so enter a world unseen previous, make the time to be thankful, respectful, and open your heart to it all. a vision and experience such as that is a rare and lovely thing, and the resonance of which rarely loses its power.