after the initial song begins, it's all just beauty entered and enveloped. just a unified sonic tide ebbing and receding throughout, permeating the nervous system.

allowing yourself entrance into all of those feelings, and experiencing the sensations of being able to let go. i never leave a great concert unaffected.

blinding lights and buzzing lusciousness. all the senses piqued and stretched. all the sound and depth entering my body through the skin and traveling down past the bones and into the marrow.



you never know how it will all turn out. maybe we can only hope for the best.

it's about calculated risks and bold action. it's about mutual understanding and decisive movement. life is weird, and exciting, and curious, and coincidences will occur. it's best to be prepared at all times.

it's about the blend of fear and hesitation coupled with courage and follow through.

you can be an artist, you can be a public speaker, you can find your way, hit your stride, make previously immeasurable obstacles void and without a clutch on your sense of expression.

it happens as it happens like it happens, and this is the burden and blessing of it all.

tonight's homework:

make a new friend, reassure and engage a current one, and contact an old one. there's no time like the present.