" some summer happenstance "


riding your bicycle home in the evening, the trees lining the inner looped roadway in the park creating the loveliest thoroughfare. warm winds caress your ears, face, neck, shoulders, and all the way down to the dimples of your ankles.

the doppler effect of feet meeting pavement as you float past runners slowly shifts into the brassy long tones of sung melancholy.

beautiful melodies counterpoised with slow steady deliberate music glide upon an errant gale, curls itself into the architecture of your ears, and nestles inside of your bones. the amplified sounds grow closer as you approach, the echoes of which reverberate throughout your skeleton and you feel all blue colors of the night.

peering through a gated fence, nothing can shut out the long reach of this music; it's lengthy slender fingers slipping through the braided diamonds, and holds the weight of your head in its comforting palms.

everything is stillness and invisible wavelengths. your heart goes electric and in that moment, you feel everything.



you never know how it will all turn out. maybe we can only hope for the best.

it's about calculated risks and bold action. it's about mutual understanding and decisive movement. life is weird, and exciting, and curious, and coincidences will occur. it's best to be prepared at all times.

it's about the blend of fear and hesitation coupled with courage and follow through.

you can be an artist, you can be a public speaker, you can find your way, hit your stride, make previously immeasurable obstacles void and without a clutch on your sense of expression.

it happens as it happens like it happens, and this is the burden and blessing of it all.

tonight's homework:

make a new friend, reassure and engage a current one, and contact an old one. there's no time like the present.