" flush all over "


running through the forest at dusk. the sun honey drip dipping below the horizon in the far distance, and the last fleeting streams losing their grip amongst the trunks, up to the branches, and finally the wide endless canopy.

the chirping of all the insects and rumble of other animals, rise and envelop the atmosphere; a veritable verdant wall of sound waves. you stand amidst this raw nature as you remember that you too are a wild animal.

the dusk blankets as nighttime approaches, and the world becomes a beautifully dense darkness. the symphony of an entire ecosystem develops and extends beyond the visible universe.

you are home.


" nothing beyond repair "


when you feel spent, overwhelmed, stubborn, and exhausted, there is something to allowing yourself a release. remember to breathe deeply, exhale fully, and ponder upon this metered breath.

i know firsthand these depths and these feelings of anguish. you will get through these hard times. it's a promise which can be made, but it takes a level of vulnerability and humbleness.

when you put out that good energy and optimistic vibes out into the world, it comes back to you in your darkest times. there is room for pride, but do not let it stop you from healing.

no one can know what the future brings, but we can at all times be prepared and ready ourselves.

tonight's homework:

dare to have a hope. dare to have a dream. spend time healing others. heal yourself.


" a sign of a time "


the kentile floors sign is coming down in the gowns area of brooklyn after around 50 years.

when people talk about their anchors shifting and landmarks disappearing, they include changes like these.

the scaffolding less a structure of reenforcement, and more of removal. from sight, from site, from heart.

fare thee well.


many congratulations to my peeps opening their grocery store “bed-stuy fresh and local" and best wishes for prosperity after the grand opening.

last night was their tasting party, and many local vendors, neighbors and patrons came out in a full force.

good times, good vibes.

if you happen to be in bed stuy and want to support a new business which is attempting to infuse the neighborhood with healthful foods at an affordable price, peep game and check them out.

opening day is december 23rd.