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as i take one day for a winter-inspired fujifilm FP-3000b R.I.P. break, please take the time to peruse my other work, both film & digital.

as stated in previous posts, i am always on the lookout for collaborators, and have some perhaps zine-like ideas for this year. if you are interested, lemme know.

and if not, stay warm if you’re in a chilly clime, lovingly sit on it if you’re in my home-state of cali, check out my work, and then pretty much kick ass today.

many thanks to all the supporters (especially magpie—at—home, damagedintransit, jessdavisphotography, notkendra, my-memory-palace, rorrimmirror1987)!


" NYE " 2 0 1 3 " (the "i edit very slow" edition)


a 1st day of the year editing session yields a piece that i completely meant to finish on the same day A YEAR AGO!

haha, so i suppose the lesson, if i wanted to self-impose one onto myself with no deadlines except the ones you implement for yourself, is that if you dedicate yourself to finishing something…you could totally do it in a few hours.

or in the least get organized and begin a project. what was  i waiting for?

so, hopefully it’s still relevant, and interesting as a reflective short. i still cannot believe it took me a whole year to do it, and this has become the best example of a procrastination-last-minute-hail-mary-cram-session everrrrrrrr,

enjoy, and happy new year.