" in a blink "


moments of serendipity, and how we find each other out in the world.

she called out to me in the street, and i was at unawares. just the recognition wasn't enough. i could see a familiar shape, but dusk was descending, and maybe it could've been someone telling me my backpack was open.

but it wasn't at all.

separated briefly by a red light and how one cannot help but smile because you know hellos are in order. we greeted warmly, talked and strolled. then walked our way down south through the city, through the park. into and between the soft lights amidst the darkness.

everything looked brand new with another set of eyes peering around corners. exploration doesn't have to be rushed. you don't need to whip past so many things in order to feel like you did it, that you were there, that it meant something.

sometimes the slow pace is where you find out the most about yourself, your environment, and each other.

tonight's homework:

take a long walk with a friend to a destination unknown. keep your eyes open for everything and anything.


" traveling a path "


no way to know where it'll end or turn. this path is knurled, contorted, splinters and fractures at its own whimsy and without a care. there's no way to anticipate, just prepare.

i understand the hesitation, i do. and fear most definitely. how can there be a sense of blindly walking into the fray without knowing the layout, knowing the topography?

with a clear mind and a true heart, we must all attempt to do our best to muster up courage and bravery. and to know that you are never in this alone, gives me immense amounts of confidence that it will all turn out alright.

i look forward to each waking moment, and each beautiful dream, with the aims of merging the two. and in that, we can find the strength to gather ourselves up with all of our experience and knowledge, and navigate ourselves towards wonders unknown.


" finding the right words: a dream "


it was morning time and the sunbeams were streaming into the kitchen. i had people over for the night and we were making an omelet.

in a large pan i had sauteed garlic and onions, and put in a clutch of kale for color and nutrition.

patrick came into the kitchen and said that he wanted to help out, so i asked him to get the eggs ready. i thought to myself that this really wasn’t a hard task, and i was thinking that he should just take the eggs from the fridge, out of the carton, and place them on the table behind me.

everyone behind me was laughing and having a good time chatting in the sunlight, and i wanted to join in, so i turned around and joined them while the mushrooms went into the pan and started to cook.

a moment later, patrick said he already put the eggs into the pan, and i turned around, because i felt that something was amiss.

“aw maaaan!,” i yelled out loud but not in a mean way. “why would you put a bunch of hard-boiled eggs into the pan!”

“i don’t know, that’s what you said to do,” he replied. i think that he thought i was yelling at him mad, but everyone else laughed because it was funny that i was crazy about the state of the eggs.

he left the kitchen after he got frustrated with me, and i made a mental note to apologize to him later.

then i went to get some eggs out of the carton on the table, and one of the eggs was cracked already so it fell out of the carton and onto my hand and then slid out and plopped onto the rangetop.

“oh noooooooo!” i screamed, while everyone else laughed at my comeuppance.

i realized that breakfast was going to be made a little later than planned, and then i woke up laughing.


" letting go of it "


finding yourself at the edges of all that grudge, ire, frustration and pain, and tiring of the burden of it. the massive weight upon your shoulders like a vice grip of red electricity and the enormity of the earth at rest.

you come to an understanding like a well lit corridor which you walk down the length of until you discover a certain truth in an opening behind a dark door.

you don't need to hold on to this weight any longer.

coming to this realization fills you up with such anger towards yourself for being so blind and hateful for so long. this dissipates into the most profound searing soothing hope coursing throughout.

for just the briefest of moments you pay a small unnecessary homage to your heavy cloak of past misfortune; you sometimes felt that you deserved that self-inflicted treatment. and just like the sometimes blissful transition from dreams into awakedness, or the emergence from a dark tunnel into an open field, you find that you have made a choice.

one to move beyond your limitations, one to forego all past notions of doubt, woe, regret, and sorrow.

you can be free of it, and you are soaring.


" sky access "


it's so much lovelier here that i imagined. a convex/concave double-mirror'd world installed on an astrotuf hillock. and why not at all?

sublime design within simple shapes. this is the portal to a form of heaven on earth.

a lightness of being, the laughter of these small children lifting the weights of gravity off my shoulders,

and i lift away.

tonight's homework:

find a release in a moment, respect the purity of that moment, and let it extend towards its natural end. there are such beautiful occurrences throughout the day. i'm wishing you the best in locating just a one.


" sketches, just sketches: a dream "


classroom apocalypse. slug sushi. james.

samurai time warp. hiding spots, ninjas. backpack, beanie.

killed a man with a katana. broke his finger, he had a gun. friends wife in the room.

thai school event. hotel hi-so guests. itchy kimono. trying to tune a nylon string instrument.

food court confusion.

tonight's homework:

begin a dream journal. it doesn't have to be extensive, each night, or even well kept up. it just needs to be the best recount of the details and storyline you can remember. i usually have a google doc ready to go when i wake up or a notepad by the bed or make a dictated voice memo on my phone when i awaken. it's a weird practice that if done ever so often, provides a real (and at time funny) source of insight into your dream and waking life.


" some summer happenstance "


riding your bicycle home in the evening, the trees lining the inner looped roadway in the park creating the loveliest thoroughfare. warm winds caress your ears, face, neck, shoulders, and all the way down to the dimples of your ankles.

the doppler effect of feet meeting pavement as you float past runners slowly shifts into the brassy long tones of sung melancholy.

beautiful melodies counterpoised with slow steady deliberate music glide upon an errant gale, curls itself into the architecture of your ears, and nestles inside of your bones. the amplified sounds grow closer as you approach, the echoes of which reverberate throughout your skeleton and you feel all blue colors of the night.

peering through a gated fence, nothing can shut out the long reach of this music; it's lengthy slender fingers slipping through the braided diamonds, and holds the weight of your head in its comforting palms.

everything is stillness and invisible wavelengths. your heart goes electric and in that moment, you feel everything.


" you are golden "


dear to me you are gold. constant, malleable, distinct. up close or far away, near in my heart, and make me a better person.

a beauty beyond compare, neither pure or distasteful because of impurities. rather you become more and more and more each day, lovely and a reminder of all the nigh indescribable wonder in the world.

tonight's homework:

remind people how much they mean to you. i bet they already know, but it's always nice to hear and relay. cook a meal together with someone, watch a film, mingle, hug, exist in simple blisses of your own creation.


" known, but unwritten chapters "


keep kind. keep striving and work hard at your craft. it will pay off.

keep generous, keep open. keep on top of your game, whatever the rules, bend and break them; excel at your flavor of greatness, and apologize whenever absolutely necessary. be humble, and be proud of your accomplishments.

keep brave and adventurous.

keep promises, keep a planner, keep and finish to-do lists. make lots of plans with lots of varied people and really make a focused effort to respect the time you spend together. these are your compatriots, collaborators, and time is a precious commodity, so treat it with respect.

keep a love in your heart, a strength of will in your bones, and pens & paper in your bag.

it's going to be an interesting experience, this life in this time, your time...and there's so much to do.

tonight's homework:

thank someone with a true thanks. they deserve it, and you are lucky to know them aren't you?

(yes you are.)


" the best the best "


smile like the breaking of a new day. warm, enveloping, golden and full, pure and brilliant.

smile so your soul beams and glows outward; concentric heat waves emanating from your marrow out into the universe.

you affect molecules and matter, people and neighborhoods, cities and atmosphere, the planet itself, the galaxy.

you soar and expand into the solar winds, and ride the blissful contentment past the stars and into the depths unknown.

tonight's homework:

feel it, be it, do it, sleep at a reasonable hour, dream dream dream.


" flush all over "


running through the forest at dusk. the sun honey drip dipping below the horizon in the far distance, and the last fleeting streams losing their grip amongst the trunks, up to the branches, and finally the wide endless canopy.

the chirping of all the insects and rumble of other animals, rise and envelop the atmosphere; a veritable verdant wall of sound waves. you stand amidst this raw nature as you remember that you too are a wild animal.

the dusk blankets as nighttime approaches, and the world becomes a beautifully dense darkness. the symphony of an entire ecosystem develops and extends beyond the visible universe.

you are home.


" a palpable magic "


when you have been given access to realms unknown, it behooves you to just take one moment to be still and behold.

it can be a place. like walking into a cathedral in the afternoon, the sunlight streaming in through the filter of massive stained glass panels. or walking into a stadium with thousands and thousands of people writhing in their seats cheering and filling up space.

or looking out from the edge of a massive canyon; the sheer size overshadowing you entirely, and you reset the scale of the world. or slipping beneath the surface of the ocean while waves of saltwater flow over and swirl around you; such a feeling of bliss and contentment to be held aloft and afloat by the sea.

people are like that too. you can find yourself in the presence of someone very special, and they fill you with awe, wonderment, a sense of love you've never known, and a flavor of beauty which you've never experienced.

when you have the opportunity to peer behind the green curtain, to cross over the threshold, so enter a world unseen previous, make the time to be thankful, respectful, and open your heart to it all. a vision and experience such as that is a rare and lovely thing, and the resonance of which rarely loses its power.


" a curious day at the museum: a dream "


i was walking the grounds of an old olympic park, when i saw a small crew painting something along the eaves of a roof’s edge of an open forum.

it was like a large curl of a circular wall with about 35 degrees cut out to create the opening in the wall. then there was a curved roof overhead with a hole cut out in the top center of it in the shape of a serene oval, then another roof escalated over the hole with supports. shafts of light beamed into the space bright and soft.

as i got closer, i realized that the thing that was being painted was a whale statue.

then i realized i was in germany or austria.

one man was standing on the fourth rung from the bottom of this orange ladder and painting the underbelly of the whale statue/carving with a medium wide paintbrush on the end of a long wooden stave. his fellow crewman was telling him that he needed to get a bigger brush and move closer, but the painter disregarded that sentiment.

i had my camera and i wanted to photograph the whale.

a tour group entered the space led by an amish tour guide, and they all got in the way of the perfect shot. i waited patiently for a woman in a red tactical north face jacket to get her shot; she talked excitedly with her mother who was nearby, but was paying attention to the tour guide.

after they moved and i got the shot, i looked around the inner walls, and noticed they were all covered with lush green ivy; a living wall which breathed in and out.

i saw a table set up on the far side of the space and walked over to them; there were a lot of informational brochures.

one of the women from the museum i freelance for was at the table and she asked me if i got the letter. “what letter?” i asked back. “the letter from that woman,” she said.

they were trying to set me up on a date, and i was thankful, but didn’t receive a letter.

i walked out of the area and down to a clear open lake where all the tourists were swimming with their children.

then i woke up.


" active archiving "


keep them close. all of your precious memories, all of them.

the great moments of discovery, your childhood sequences of amateur science, playing in the streets, the sand, the grass, the sun. when you found out that freshly clipped nails were sharp. when you dug deep deep deep into the earth, and it went on forever and got cooler.

the first time you ate a particular fruit, or ate something new; stinky cheeses that confused and enticed, a smoothie, raw vegetables, cured meats, ales & liquors.

the touch. caressive fingers along open palms, down stretches of smooth skin in the afternoon. hands massaging your head through your hair or lack of hair. hugs, hits, falls, falling in love, falling out of love, falling away into the ocean. tears welling up and tears streaming uncontrollably out of your face.

joys, elation, running and giggling out loud. freedom flying like a slapdash banner to your tree fort. people watching, people approaching, people photographing, people walking away.

the list is truly endless, and they're all yours and they're all cherished. even the painful ones. they give you strength of will and a reference for the parameters of your happiness. have them, hold them, share them, speak them aloud.

tonight's homework:

think of the best most amazing thing that happened to you this past week, and then share it with someone, friend or stranger. make a connection.


" from a slice of all time "


i have to remind myself to remind myself to not put all my focus on one thing or person or situation. to be that myopic gives me tunnel-vision, and i find it really hard to unlatch.

when i get into cleaning my desk at home, it turns into half-cleaning/half-reminiscing and then i get the cleaning-itch and begin to clean my floor, room, hallway, apartment. it's good to be detail-oriented, but i get lost.

the hours pass, the day wanes, the sun sets behind the buildings, behind the horizon, and it becomes nighttime becomes twilight becomes dawn. time is ceaseless until our time in this life is over, so i need to remember to take that time i have now and even it all out.

so, gone thieves of activity time, good riddance burglars of multitasking, and fare thee well appropriators of socializing. as always it is nice to have you over in small increments, but i've things to do.

thank you of your company, i've now things to do.

tonight's homework:

you are great! you are valid! you have every potential to accomplish tasks great and minuscule! shelf a mania and explore a newfound interest or activity. expand your world in metered steps.


" you are one of the first "


each morning you awake to the world anew. surrounded by darkness or bathed in light, partnered or alone, everything shifts slowly from a dream into the recognizable dream of reality.

find your bearings and ready for this new day, new life, new to all the experiences you'll have. you are going to meet so many new people today, and what do you choose to do with that opportunity? 

in each passing second, endless variation of all manner and permutation. there has never been a moment such as this one. it is coming, it is happening, it has happened, it is gone.

what lingers? what remains in your soul? each morning we are very lucky to be able to open ourselves to the universe, and the pleasure is in the details. what will you do today?

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, we go along.

life is but a dream.


" shifting states of being "


feeling everything, surging, reeling...writhing.

screaming into the open air until exhaustion.

running with a full force until you've no strength left, and in that brief moment of despair right before a deep reflective calming silence,

a searing setting overwhelmingly electric cleansing coursing throughout your nervous system.

we find that we still have a strength surging within us,

just below the surface of infinite potential.


" when you know you are in it: a dream "


i went to scotland with my mom and we were traveling to inverness. i stopped off at the visitor center, and everyone was doing a production of an old traditional ceremony.

somehow through some timing mishap, i entered the staging area at a weird time and was crowned the king of scotland.

then during the procession, I could see the wires and lights, and I knew it was a production, but everyone was being so nice, I didn't say anything.

a little boy hid in the front of my hoodie and we watched the log games. he told me about what was happening.

lots of kilted men filled in and had these long cabers with beer an whiskey, tossed them head over tails and then drank from them. it was physical.

the little boy slipped out and was in the bathroom. when I knocked and asked if he was okay, he said yeah, but that I had a challenge coming up.

all the villagers gathered and threw a long caber into the waters of the cold ocean, and then told me i’d have to surf a wave 50-60ft. high if i was to remain king. the wave looked peet brown an ominous.

as i entered the water, the waves took me high and away and i thought I was going to drown clutching to this caber. a woman in a slip appeared between the waves and grabbed onto my floating body. she steered me back to shore and then swam away.

back on land, everyone was waiting in the hall of the visitor center and dressed in casual clothing. when i entered, my friend becca was dancing with the boy and smiling.

she turned to see me and was very surprised, exclaiming "what are you doing here? this is so crazy!" i agreed. her and my mom sat down, and i gave a speech thanking the people for letting me be their king, even if it was for part of the day.

everyone laughed and we all went outside. i took a polaroid, and people congratulated me. I was going to miss them.


" an adjustment towards sunlight "


summer fridays and bright even light blazing through the branches of the swaying trees which line the street.

caressing shadows fawn over the tiled walls, and you see the perfect spot for someone to fit right into the geometry of the wall.

when you see the image in your mind, and have it come out so great, so close to how you envisioned it, these are the moments which sustain you.

these are the hope-bringers that you did something meaningful, and can go on to realize other dreams as well, no matter how large or small.


" slipping slowly into a season "


hello hot mornings leading to hot afternoons, welcome swelter and heatwaves on black tar streets.

hello rumbling thunderstorms and looming clouds. find a seat delicious ice creams from oft-queued parlors.

entree vous i'm home and removes pants immediately. howdy doo a/c on full with a fan action.

wonderful to see you outdoor seating with snacks and laughter. and good tidings to the lightning bugs at nighttime.

it is all wonderful to be entranced by your summer'd ways. i very much look forward to the time we have left together.