" you're a gem, you're a diamond "

new to the world, and these arms catch you.

my pops is a man with amazing fashion sense, a smile which speaks volumes, and a laughter that brings hearts full up to the brim.

i am an american where he was an immigrant, an excitable wiggler where he was a stoic proud calm walker, and a rapt listener & gleaner to his self-taught philosopher-poet. my dad brought me up with a dedication and love that took on both the challenge of being in a foreign country for sake of family, and me being that weird blend of child and americana.

as a kid, he doled out discipline and love in equal amounts, and at times it was hard to perceive which was his truth. but as is normal with the passing of time, and the gained ability to have conversations rather that word-battles, i can see his intent.

i can see that love that pushed out all worries and fear and guilt. he was a man just a little older than i am now, and he chose to give up his former life for the benefit of his fam.

as a young(ish) man, i can see all these things with a clarity, and know that because he was a just and good man, now i am one too.

big ups to you pops!