" you are not alone "


chin up!

our moment here is so brief, but the lasting effects of our lives are so long. you're making an impact each day, and everyone notices.

the most simple action has significant impact, sometimes without you noticing. there is love, positive energy, bliss, and solace in your every interaction.

this is not to say do the bare minimum. be out in the world. walk the streets and paths through the city, town, village. the more time you put into seeing the world around you, the more you'll benefit from being in it.

the more care you put into your relationships and conversations, the more you're gleam and shimmer.

whenever you feel down, know that you are that special ingredient which makes it all worthwhile. there is no one quite like you, and even in those times you feel like you don't deserve it, you are praised, needed, wanted, desired, and integral to this whole thing.

tonight's homework:

the universe is so much better with you in it, so leave that desk, talk a stroll, and see what fantastic mischief you can get yourself into.