" in a blink "


moments of serendipity, and how we find each other out in the world.

she called out to me in the street, and i was at unawares. just the recognition wasn't enough. i could see a familiar shape, but dusk was descending, and maybe it could've been someone telling me my backpack was open.

but it wasn't at all.

separated briefly by a red light and how one cannot help but smile because you know hellos are in order. we greeted warmly, talked and strolled. then walked our way down south through the city, through the park. into and between the soft lights amidst the darkness.

everything looked brand new with another set of eyes peering around corners. exploration doesn't have to be rushed. you don't need to whip past so many things in order to feel like you did it, that you were there, that it meant something.

sometimes the slow pace is where you find out the most about yourself, your environment, and each other.

tonight's homework:

take a long walk with a friend to a destination unknown. keep your eyes open for everything and anything.


" traveling a path "


no way to know where it'll end or turn. this path is knurled, contorted, splinters and fractures at its own whimsy and without a care. there's no way to anticipate, just prepare.

i understand the hesitation, i do. and fear most definitely. how can there be a sense of blindly walking into the fray without knowing the layout, knowing the topography?

with a clear mind and a true heart, we must all attempt to do our best to muster up courage and bravery. and to know that you are never in this alone, gives me immense amounts of confidence that it will all turn out alright.

i look forward to each waking moment, and each beautiful dream, with the aims of merging the two. and in that, we can find the strength to gather ourselves up with all of our experience and knowledge, and navigate ourselves towards wonders unknown.


" known, but unwritten chapters "


keep kind. keep striving and work hard at your craft. it will pay off.

keep generous, keep open. keep on top of your game, whatever the rules, bend and break them; excel at your flavor of greatness, and apologize whenever absolutely necessary. be humble, and be proud of your accomplishments.

keep brave and adventurous.

keep promises, keep a planner, keep and finish to-do lists. make lots of plans with lots of varied people and really make a focused effort to respect the time you spend together. these are your compatriots, collaborators, and time is a precious commodity, so treat it with respect.

keep a love in your heart, a strength of will in your bones, and pens & paper in your bag.

it's going to be an interesting experience, this life in this time, your time...and there's so much to do.

tonight's homework:

thank someone with a true thanks. they deserve it, and you are lucky to know them aren't you?

(yes you are.)


" the best the best "


smile like the breaking of a new day. warm, enveloping, golden and full, pure and brilliant.

smile so your soul beams and glows outward; concentric heat waves emanating from your marrow out into the universe.

you affect molecules and matter, people and neighborhoods, cities and atmosphere, the planet itself, the galaxy.

you soar and expand into the solar winds, and ride the blissful contentment past the stars and into the depths unknown.

tonight's homework:

feel it, be it, do it, sleep at a reasonable hour, dream dream dream.


" from a slice of all time "


i have to remind myself to remind myself to not put all my focus on one thing or person or situation. to be that myopic gives me tunnel-vision, and i find it really hard to unlatch.

when i get into cleaning my desk at home, it turns into half-cleaning/half-reminiscing and then i get the cleaning-itch and begin to clean my floor, room, hallway, apartment. it's good to be detail-oriented, but i get lost.

the hours pass, the day wanes, the sun sets behind the buildings, behind the horizon, and it becomes nighttime becomes twilight becomes dawn. time is ceaseless until our time in this life is over, so i need to remember to take that time i have now and even it all out.

so, gone thieves of activity time, good riddance burglars of multitasking, and fare thee well appropriators of socializing. as always it is nice to have you over in small increments, but i've things to do.

thank you of your company, i've now things to do.

tonight's homework:

you are great! you are valid! you have every potential to accomplish tasks great and minuscule! shelf a mania and explore a newfound interest or activity. expand your world in metered steps.


" shifting states of being "


feeling everything, surging, reeling...writhing.

screaming into the open air until exhaustion.

running with a full force until you've no strength left, and in that brief moment of despair right before a deep reflective calming silence,

a searing setting overwhelmingly electric cleansing coursing throughout your nervous system.

we find that we still have a strength surging within us,

just below the surface of infinite potential.


" when you know you are in it: a dream "


i went to scotland with my mom and we were traveling to inverness. i stopped off at the visitor center, and everyone was doing a production of an old traditional ceremony.

somehow through some timing mishap, i entered the staging area at a weird time and was crowned the king of scotland.

then during the procession, I could see the wires and lights, and I knew it was a production, but everyone was being so nice, I didn't say anything.

a little boy hid in the front of my hoodie and we watched the log games. he told me about what was happening.

lots of kilted men filled in and had these long cabers with beer an whiskey, tossed them head over tails and then drank from them. it was physical.

the little boy slipped out and was in the bathroom. when I knocked and asked if he was okay, he said yeah, but that I had a challenge coming up.

all the villagers gathered and threw a long caber into the waters of the cold ocean, and then told me i’d have to surf a wave 50-60ft. high if i was to remain king. the wave looked peet brown an ominous.

as i entered the water, the waves took me high and away and i thought I was going to drown clutching to this caber. a woman in a slip appeared between the waves and grabbed onto my floating body. she steered me back to shore and then swam away.

back on land, everyone was waiting in the hall of the visitor center and dressed in casual clothing. when i entered, my friend becca was dancing with the boy and smiling.

she turned to see me and was very surprised, exclaiming "what are you doing here? this is so crazy!" i agreed. her and my mom sat down, and i gave a speech thanking the people for letting me be their king, even if it was for part of the day.

everyone laughed and we all went outside. i took a polaroid, and people congratulated me. I was going to miss them.


" an adjustment towards sunlight "


summer fridays and bright even light blazing through the branches of the swaying trees which line the street.

caressing shadows fawn over the tiled walls, and you see the perfect spot for someone to fit right into the geometry of the wall.

when you see the image in your mind, and have it come out so great, so close to how you envisioned it, these are the moments which sustain you.

these are the hope-bringers that you did something meaningful, and can go on to realize other dreams as well, no matter how large or small.


" no faith in fate "


you get what you get, and no take-backsies. revel in your choices, and perhaps too the way in which you lean towards or shrink away from those situations, people, and objects you come across.

almost nothing is fate, and almost nothing is luck. but mostly everything is the way it happens because it's the way it happens. it's not glorified, but it's pure and honest. there is beauty in that simplicity.

painfully lovely melancholy in the most minimalist moments. this is the distillation of the eternal experience, and we are all within it, around it, and creators of it.

tonight's homework:

make a slight inspection of your more complex patterns, and seek to streamline the more cross-wired ones.


" traveling for knowledge "


when you hedge your bets on yourself, great things shift. you begin to see that you can steer the trajectory of your life towards uncharted successes. you enrich your quality of life, and the lives of others.

the particular slice of freedoms we enjoy can alter your vision of the future in curious and beneficial ways as well. we're instilled with a "create your own adventure" mentality and learn within a strange framework of rigidity and possibility. so it's up to us to take it upon ourselves to better ourselves, color outside the lines, and cross the thresholds of our own hesitant insecurities.

when you take these custom-crafted plans, no matter the outcome, you are tapping into something so beautiful, so pure. those are moments you remember when you say "remember when..."

suddenly opportunities open up and you can be the architect of your dream-making. taking that first chance on yourself is the best tenuous moment; immaculate silence like a spread white sheet.


" the curiousity which leads you "


where you went to sleep doesn't have to dictate where you will wake up. ride the train into destinations unknown. cross borders and experience new realities.

there is little time to waste, and there's so much to see. be engaged, have an opinion, be flexible, be open to change, and follow your heart not your fears.

cross oceans if where you are is not enough. we could find ourselves in other lands, other cultures, other climes, surrounded by completely different people, languages, mannerisms, public transit systems, deletable foods, and beauties unmatched.

tonight's homeowrk:

explore beyond the periphery of your self-defined borders or limits; there are many colors yet to see.


" beyond what you see "


no need for kid gloves with me. i'm a dark horse with crimson lips. the brash gale which whips at the walls of your preconceived notions.

come correct or not at all. the deep wake of my strengths slicing through wide waters defy expectation.

we'll treat each other as friends and fellow humans, or walk on by. i've no time for ill behavior, cruelty, teasing, or the all too-oft catcall.

i am the water, the sun, the earth, the molten core. i am the cold of space, the endless night, and the breaking dawn.


" top of a small mountain is still a mountain "


above the ground, above the world, below the sky.

feet planted firmly and feeling powerful with the wind in your face and the strength of generations flowing through you.

all the pains ebbed, the ire depleted, the sadness vanquished. you stand on top of a small mountain and survey the future.

everything possible, loves in your life, delicious foods, your body running full throttle hurtling into every amazing experience after another, never stopping, never letting up.

then a quiet moment of reflection and a held breath exhaled.


" rough & tumble "


finding your way through all the obstacles thrown your way, arms held out to brush back all the broken shattered boughs, windswept reeds, and flotsam which whip and lash at your body.

sometimes even with everything in your face with a full force, your strength lies in assessment, holding onto the hopes that it will all work out. everything will be resolved and be fine. you will get through this.

even though it doesn't always feel like it, every storm passes. and if you need the help, we're all right here parallel to your path. this struggle is not evergreen.

tonight's homework:

don't feel like you can't ask someone for help if you need aide; things are rough out here, and it's comforting that you're not in it all by your lonesome.


" deep south "


waiting quietly in the corners, the glints of refracted lights shine in the shadows. when i see you pass by, i am looking at a stranger. i feel nothing at all.

my eyes ache with the lack of moisture. seeking, metering the blinking, holding out my arms to the world, screaming out into the void.

we're at the point of no return; there is no going back.

you are a stranger, you are a stranger.


waiting for you in the streets, the sun is out and high in a clear blue. i see you walking towards me with the light of the bright star at your back, as if ushered forward with a golden haloed outline. overcome by a great love, i feel everything.

my heart aches with a swell and everything in the universe blurs away is a haze. i lift up my arms to you and welcome you into them, whispering my hellos.

we're at the point of no return; there is no going back.

you are the only person i have ever known.

tonight's homework:

no matter the argument, rift, or quarrel, find a way towards understanding and reconciliation.


" the sublime anchor "


once in a while something very special happens. you note it and take note, no matter how slight or bold to action or circumstance. these are the moments to cherishing your life of making.

the creation and fruition of an idea requires development, sometimes years, sometimes decades. sometimes mere seconds. they are all valid if you see them through, and if the winds are right, if the light quality correct, if you ate a delicious healthful breakfast, if the planets are in alignment, if it is low tide, if so many things.

and when you've got lightning in a bottle, you can tell. when you've collaborated on something so simple and so profound, you know it's going to be transcendent.

these are the sublime anchors which keep you tethered to your craft, and lets loose your stresses as if every ache and pain in your skeleton suddenly exits your body. you find your footing, and the strength to push on.

when it happens, you find yourself standing at the far end of a long pier facing the open water. the light shimmers and folds in on itself as the surface ripples and quivers. you close the eyes of your experience and confidence, and trust your skills as you press the shutter.


" sun-kissed & baked "


hark! the clouds break and the rains turn to a drizzle to a drip drop, then nothing but lovely golden silence.

the sunset beams burn their way through the cloud cover, and cleaves particles to reach our bodies. the lengthy travel between near outer space and our receptive molecules is near-instantaneaous.

we stand upon the rooftop and welcome the glowing warmth, which arrive in a dazzle of photons and particles unseen.


" how it all happens "


suddenly everything goes quiet, like the world's massive hands are cupped against your body. everything goes black and serene as only high frequencies lit and flutter above the vibrations.

this is how it all happens. and the universe expands into a million points of light making up the visual spectrum of all things.

your heart glows and the blood rushes. al sounds begin to layer and overlap until you hear everything, feel everything, and your skin is alive with the sensation of diamond particles.

there is no more platforms to stand on, just the realization that we are in motion and grounded by gravity. you sit in the presence of a reality between all realities. happiness expands like gentle waves lapping calm shores.


" no good-byes, just see-you-next-times "


adventure adventure adventure for all the rest of our days.

we find ourselves at the end of a brief sojourn, the winds from both rivers brushing against the entirety of our bodies. grass beneath our feet, solid ground, shifting plates, moving planet.

best of luck from now until then.

tonight's homework:

sunshine, discovery, curiosity, glorious bewilderment, wide soul smile sun bright blissed out.


" four hours and a sense of adventure "


when you need to navigate through the streets, run.

when you need to fly through the air, soar.

when you need to express yourself, love with an open heart.

when you need a nap, sleep for days.

there is absolutely no need to lessen this experience. no need to water it down, suss it out, ether your desire, or take a step back from the brink. sometimes, it's the teetering at the edge of all things where we find the skeleton to the body of our worldly participation.