'' thoughts on a sunday afternoon "


strength, beauty, power, trust, these are not the light-hearted states of being and living that the predominately weak-willed inhabit. we try to stay on task, do our very best, and try to do our best by others. it's this balance between the supposed strengths and supposed weaknesses where we find ourselves defining our truths.

at times we need reminders of our strengths, however seemingly insignificant. the aid of a friend in need, the helping of a stranger find their way, the comforting of someone in need of comfort. as in all of the best most compelling actions, it is in the simple things which resonate the most.

spending time with a friend on a walk in the sunshine, conversing about this and that. making the time to take the time to share the space to be with one another. it is everything good with your time spent figuring it out.

each second of each minute of each hour of each day of each week of each month of each year of your entire life is poetry in motion. the navigation of which will be a constant reevaluation of your values, the system of existing in a certain culture, and the amount of which you will dedicate to a measured integration into the lives of the people in those spaces.

i cannot promise that it will always be evident or as easy as recognition of these people, places, or situations, but i will say when it all comes together, it will be nigh immeasurably rewarding beyond even the furthest expectation. that i can promise.