"the new shiny shiny"


it is always the right moment to take a step in the right direction, even if you're unsure of where it will lead. you cannot stay home and marinate in plan-making all the time. you must attempt to go outside of yourself and to take note of the state of all things.

the safe paths, the shortcuts, the scenic route and those ones which lead you astray from an intended destination, but closer to yourself.

in my time as an artist, i have always been striving to find the proper words to express perfectly the work i choose to make. it doesn't always come so easily, but the outcome is always a step in the right direction. one of awareness, of broader experience, of reaching a potential, and accessing that part of yourself that you hold back.

so now it's not about reserves or awaiting a beneficent source to take you under wing. it's about the broad strokes coupled with the pulled focus. it's about feeling and seeking out people and subject matter, defining and accomplishing goals, pushing and thriving, and finding joys in the beautiful struggles.

i want to thank everyone that has helped me get to this point, and all of my anchors who keep me moored to the infinite possibility of every day. i hope to make meaningful work which shows respect to all of the collaborators who entrusted me with their faith and time, all the mentors ,all the friends, and all of the lovers of great beauty.

with this first post being the inaugural post of my new website, i am promising to do my best, with eyes and heart wide and open.

tonight's homework:

realize that the past made you who you are now, the present ever-evolving gives you the options to navigate with experience, and the future offers you the opportunity to redefine everything. begin something new in your life, and make something amazing.