" always in a new place "


i'm standing at the river's edge, looking out upon an afternoon filled with infinite possibility.

the sounds of the water laps against the granite pieces; crystalline peals with the reflected  echoes of rocks close together. the ferries pull into the docks, and churn the waters with massive engines.

just out of the periphery, sunbathers absorb dappled sunlight upon the expanse of their skin. a woman shifts and places her right forearm across her eyes; the palm of her hand cupped slightly and facing upwards towards the wide blue sky.

behind me is everything that ever happened, and in front of me, everything that will yet be. being at the focal point of memory at times feels like a sunny afternoon on an island somewhere in the world.

i am closing my eyes gently, and taking it all in.


" immanent curiosity "


you must attempt to always be your best Self, against all odds, and for the explicit benefit of those around you. people will come into your life, and it is up to you to meet them with a full force. being present both in heart as well as body.

taking yourself out of the equation then, must mean that you found it permissible to sacrifice your honor and deny people of your winsome everything. you're probably thinking now that you're not as great as you think you are on your best day.

and you'd be right, if not for the fact that a thought process like that is so common, to feel down on oneself or self-deprecating to bring yourself down, in order to give others the opportunity to bring you back up, is completely boring.

be open to people and places, opportunities and tangents, to altered plans and eyes meeting and holding, lingering, acknowledging before looking away.

you are not alone, and no one should hold sway on your mood or demeanor unless it's to lift you up, make you feel better, or support you in your many endeavors. some amazing people are just plain awesome, and you are too.

tonight's homework:

find that special someone, and invite them to meet you at the threshold of your potential, and allow yourself the permission to overcome your own limitations.