" the best the best "


smile like the breaking of a new day. warm, enveloping, golden and full, pure and brilliant.

smile so your soul beams and glows outward; concentric heat waves emanating from your marrow out into the universe.

you affect molecules and matter, people and neighborhoods, cities and atmosphere, the planet itself, the galaxy.

you soar and expand into the solar winds, and ride the blissful contentment past the stars and into the depths unknown.

tonight's homework:

feel it, be it, do it, sleep at a reasonable hour, dream dream dream.


" the carnivore's manifesto "


big ups to mr. patrick martins of slow food USA and heritage foods USA, on the debut of his new book, "the carnivore's manifesto, eating well, responsibly, and eating meat."

if you dig on delicious, sustainable, and informed meat consumption, this is pretty much your new bible.

and a nice super high five to his lovely wife anne saxelby who's reputation in the cheese world is extensive and prolific. peep out both of their dope stores at the essex street market in manhattan.

...i'm hungry now.


" seasonal dimentia "


i mean, c'mon springtime. a few rain showers, a blush of oddly-timed blossoms, and i'm supposed to swoon?

i want sentiment, not just broad strokes. give me a sign that i'm wrong and i'll walk on. this pee pee dance back and forth between chilly windswept overcast and searing sunbeam with patches of cloud-cover is very disheartening.

i believe i am uninterested and remain unimpressed.

you tried your very best, and with a week and some change to go, it may be time to give it your all, or let summer step in and usher you off stage.

in any case, looking forward to what flavor of beauty may possibly be bestowed.