despite staying in all saturday and coughing my way to 6-pack abs (unsuccessfully), i managed to rally and leave the house after an almost entire weekend of photo editing, and planning the year’s projects.

surprisingly, i found another unicorn at a friend’s house during a photo salon session. i think all i need to do now to confirm that the unicorn may be this year’s power animal, is find someone who’ll watch LEGEND with me.

after the salon, i met up with my roommate at a sweet local bar, and with the help of the bartender, found my way into a hot toddy, and three fingers of bulleit.

nothing scares away the onset of a congestion like warmed alcohols and new collaborators. big ups to the dreamers, the ears to the grounders, the casual conversationalists, and the sunday stumblers.

it has been nothing short of a perfectly restful & productive weekend, and i’m looking forward to the rest of it all.



adventures in meandering around the brooklyn museum today.

lot’s of great and interesting things to peep at the jean-paul gaultier exhibition.

fashion history in the vein of other shows like the couple at the met museum last year, but with a brooklyn flair. very up close, and nigh tangible.

you can really get a look at the detailing, the stitches, the prints, and the great volume of his sartorial creativity. good shiiiiiiiiiia!

check it out, and remember to wander around to the other many things to see. dose of inspiration!