just leaving the house in the morning feels like a chore. but it’s in the making of that feeling into the belief that you’ll find amazing experiences in the world, that makes it worth whole.

you can do good out there, you can meet cool people out there, you can get exercise out there, you can find and eat delicious things out there, you can make eye contact out there, you can make heart contact out there.

at a time where heading home, eating horribly lazy, slumping into the couch or bed, and then internetting yourself to bed is the norm, plan an excursion into the unknown.

or in the least, make a phone call, and create plans for you and a friend. it’s too interesting out there to make a habit of staying in.

(p.s. - a splash of color in these next few posts because i was gifted some old FP-100C from 2004. it’s pretty wonky so far! fun!)