" eyes behind the vision "


having a vision and being able to develop it so that you may transfer your soul and feelings into the image. this is a challenging activity, and with so many "visionaries" on the planet, it's those few which shine through the stock and clutter of the visual arts.

when you have the impulse to create something, you don't need to necessarily breakdown the impulse itself; to categorize the impetus and origins are not needed. all we require is to have a medium and a platform, and gather collaborators around us to aid in the completion of any number of amazing projects.

there's no need for doubt or wariness, for hesitation or shyness. this is the time when you have the courage to extend yourself into the world, and know that there is an audience out there.

tonight's homework:

pull no punches, no holding back. playtime is here, and you are the one to write the rules.