" no good-byes, just see-you-next-times "


adventure adventure adventure for all the rest of our days.

we find ourselves at the end of a brief sojourn, the winds from both rivers brushing against the entirety of our bodies. grass beneath our feet, solid ground, shifting plates, moving planet.

best of luck from now until then.

tonight's homework:

sunshine, discovery, curiosity, glorious bewilderment, wide soul smile sun bright blissed out.


" four hours and a sense of adventure "


when you need to navigate through the streets, run.

when you need to fly through the air, soar.

when you need to express yourself, love with an open heart.

when you need a nap, sleep for days.

there is absolutely no need to lessen this experience. no need to water it down, suss it out, ether your desire, or take a step back from the brink. sometimes, it's the teetering at the edge of all things where we find the skeleton to the body of our worldly participation.


" break in the clouds "


short visits from old friends, the ones which also helped to define you.

it's important to take note of those handful of other human beings who have challenged you, set you on a path proper, changed your way of looking & thinking about something, and always had your best intentions in heart.

these are the anchors in your life. these are the touchstones and the ones you can always count on. find these gems in the world, and it makes being a person on the mantle that much less lonely.

neither distance of geography or length of time will weaken the bond. big ups to you friend, best of luck in all things, and sending positive vibes your way.