" teacher, teacher "


everyone has something to teach. a skill, a way of seeing, a song, a recipe. you are a wealth of information and techniques. at least once in your lifetime, there will come a time when something that you will teach to another will inspire, affect in a positive way, and change the course of a life.

there's such a beauty in those sorts of practical and life lessons, and there are so many numerous beautiful things to learn. how to whistle, a dance step, a method for darning a cloth, how to poach a fish, a helpful breathing exercise, how to touch-type, and on and on.

when you learn a new skill, you unlock a door. colors look more bold, flavors become enhanced and nuanced, and the senses light up and are further activated. it is in this manner of give and receive where we as a species will survive, flourish, renew, and find a way through it all.

tonight's homework:

make a gift, give a gift, expect nothing in return.