" ten miles out "


when you're far away from everything and everyone, it's easy to feel lonely. but mostly you have to remind yourself that you are merely alone. it's more realistic and less poetic, but at least it's a truth that can put your worries at rest.

when you're short of breath and the daylight turns kaleidoscopic, it's easy to think that this is the end. the world around you goes silent, and you feel light-headed and heavy-bodied. you have to remind yourself that you are loved, your body is as strong as it is, and perhaps the strongest it has ever been. and you will get through this.

when you're ten miles out, and the frequency dips in and out, there is no wifi, and all about you is radio silence, there is no need for communication technology of the modern era. look to the trees and how they are rooted to the earth. look to the skies and how they fill your lungs and water your garden. look to your parents, siblings, loved ones, and fellow man; they are all about you, in your heart, and the ones who will find you in your most remote hours.

tonight's homework:

take a few moments to reflect of the past weekend. take care to look at those positive engaged times where you felt joy, elation, love, and happiness. use these memories to get you through the week to come, and in those moments when you need to be lifted up most.