" the conversation is always open "


we're not here to be blasé about any of it. this life, our stories, our collective truths, the path of overcoming, pushing through, and reaching understanding.

even when laughing and enjoying ourselves, we're not present with our guards at rest. the crowns and halos remain invisible about our heads, but don't mistake their lack of visibility as proof of their non-existence.

there are words which echo through time regardless of language. there are universalities which are the communal burden and communal salvation of our human race. 

everyone deserves a chance, a second chance, and an opportunity for a certain absolution of repentance. and it is our duty and charge to aide in the survival of our species by helping each other, teaching each other, loving one another, and bringing everyone into the fold.

tonight's homework:

help out by first helping yourself.

(piece in the image above is untitled, by malcom bailey, 1969)