" the importance of more than just seeing "


it's not enough to speak the words. the input is sensed, a synapse fires, a chain of events ensues. neurons become electricity becomes an interpretation of an image in the mind become the impulse to say something aloud.

muscles flex and the mouth relaxes. the lips take form and the tongue makes a shape. so many systems aligning. so many convergences of conceptualization and physicality. so much work to be heard.

this is why it is so very important to have experiences in the world. so that when it comes time for your words to make their entrances, all of that effort and energy will not be to waste.

we must see inward before we can make an impact on the outside world, even if we feel small and the earth so expansive. at times this ability to share, converse, argue, plead, and retort are our first glimmers of the greatness and potential beyond the utterances.

tonight's homework:

your voice has weight, and may be called upon to speak for those who cannot. use yours to support, heal, venerate, and help make this life more tolerable for all.