" the strange beauty of talking to strangers "


a young man of no particular distinction, save he waved at me so casually and knowingly, started up a conversation with me on the subway.

he asked me how life was post-SDO, and something nice about his friend 'lise, perhaps his friend elise?

he seemed so convinced that he knew me and never let on that he had made a mistake in my identification, that i kept speaking with him.

perhaps we both had the same realization asking the way, but there was something magical that happened between us. we both kept our pleasantries, our genuineinterest, and a lovely sense of mutual respect.

at the end, he shook my hand and said, "see you later man." and just for the sake of human interaction and interest, i hope he mistakes me for someone else again, preferably on the train.

tonight's homework:

give it a chance. you never know what's going to happen, and it'll prolly turn out awesome.