" at the gates "


simple things, simple things. all the answers are in there.

this past weekend, i had another very fruitful photographic collaboration with a friend of mine. the sun was luminous and shining bright through scattered wispy clouds, which were like wispy silks in sapphire waters.

we talked about many things, listened to the radio, laughed, and made a celebration of creativity. the direct times where you have the task at hand; the execution of the idea into being. the in between times, where you shift and contemplate, sometimes quietly, and sometimes with a flurry of movements; a brush on a canvas, splashes in the shallows, careful placement all around.

in the end, our collab was so powerful in its simplicity. it was not only a workday weekend, but it helped to reaffirm that i live for these moments. i thrive in these moments, and with trust, bravery, and camaraderie, everything suddenly becomes possible.

tonight's homework:

find a friend or collaborator for a work of your own...or their own. help them on their project, or be helped in bringing yours to life. flourish and expand, be bright, be great, be bold, and be fearless. express all you have to express, then refine it, and do it again.