" the moon in the room "


i'm not sure if other people feel this way, but almost every time i find myself at the end of a very strange day filled with odd events or curious behavior, i look up into the night sky, and notice it is a full moon.

even if it's not the moon, it's some celestial happening; an eclipse, solar or lunar, a solar flare, some comet passing, or even the planets in the outer orbits crossing paths.

suddenly all things have an explicable reason to them. suddenly all strange events have an origin of unseen forces guiding them through to a path of an unknown destination. and there is a great relief to know that all of these events have explanation to them.

to know that though our bodies may be minuscule in terms of the land around us, the continents, the oceans so vast, the planet itself, and on and on through the infinity of space, means that we are completely at the whims of being altered by such forces about us.

how illuminating and great a realization to know it was not only you, but us all who were affected, together and completely.

tonight's homework:

share a compassion to all who need of it. offer help, food, an ear, a shoulder, a heart or a moment's time. there will be someone always be willing to pick up what you choose to put down out of love and goodness.