" the past is a beacon "


people go in an out of your life, the ways we are navigated like a map of lingering moments, or how it felt to run through the woods in the deep golden hour of an afternoon, dodging the tall thin tree trunks.

those ones which shared your company, the ones which met you at a pivotal time, who helped you place a location to a face. these are the ones which shine a light through the past to our present, and keep our notions of friendship clear.

never sure how much easier we all will keep in touch in the modern age. the crutch of social medias too easily become our daily examples of interaction. but what a foundation is the past. what beautiful skeletons of experience we've made strong through those fleeting moments.

to be known in the world, to be understood and recognized. to have laughed, loved, and shared. these are the base elements of memory.

tonight's homework:

reconnect with someone from your past. though distance and demeanor have progressed and altered, you may find that no time has passed at all.