" there's no wrong way to be "


most days i am just happy to have a shape. there are so many stresses to just existing, why spend any time at all feeling less-than or undesirable?

there's no need for that, and whenever you feel the twinge of shame or inadequacy, note it, define it's point of origin, then let it dissipate and float away.

you are whole. you are the sun, moon, and stars. you are the heavens and the deep cool soil of the earth. you are the wide spectrum of visible and invisible light, whose beams hypnotize with it's unfathomable cascades of beauty. you are crystalline, multi-faceted, luminous, and bright.

you are the lovely dank of nighttime's bewildering darkness. you are the daylight in the daytime, and the moonbeams and their shadows in the night.

be proud, be open to the universe and invite everyone in to see your regal nature. there is no time left to waste on feel otherwise.

tonight's homework:

look at a photo of yourself, maybe one that you feel you don't look your best in. hold that photo in your hands and look at it. realize that for 98% of the time, we see ourselves in a mirror. this mirrored image informs most of the perception of ourselves.

remember this when you look at your true image, and know that that flipped discrepancy is one of the only things standing in the way of a true self-acceptance. you're beautiful in your uniqueness, your distinguishing features, and your most ill-perceived and supposed flaws.