" the road had led me here "


i was drawn to the sound of the oceans thrashing against the waves. the pure nature of the wild coasts, unfettered and loose, remained a vibrant memory though in person, i could actually feel the memory being created in real time.

colors slung languid in my field of vision. the long smoothed highways leading into dusty ramps, and all mechanics cease. i found myself confronted by such a ludicrous assault of such wonders, it was as if i were asleep and dreaming though still awake.

it was distilled exuberance, a focused delight, a condensation of such joys, that just standing in the presence of the wide pacific on those tall cliffs, was enough to validate all the efforts it took to get there from the point of origin.

it was a form of love i recognized, but found myself unprepared for.

tonight's homework:

reflect, discover, inspire.