" the third option "


you always believe the world to be a polarized landscape of black and white, but in my experience, it's been mostly gray.

gray times when you found yourself not wanting to be just a friend, gray strokes in the darkness of the lower tunnels where you found each other. grays on overcast days when you've heard wonderful news and everything good in the world is renewed, gray tinges around the field of vision like sparkles when you squint but smudges in the heart with eyes wide open.

so many confusing feelings overlapping in upon itself; the way it all works out, and how we live our lives with more compromises on all sides than we'd like. we must remember the third option.

to know that within every happiness lies a sadness, and within every melancholy a lingering glowing golden sense of knowing and being loved. this is the path where your expected outcomes are always skewed towards a strange and curious realization.

having it all make sense is the least of my worries; i am more interested in doing my best with the time i have. there'll be much time fore the dissection of sense, but such a fleeting time where love manifests.

we never know why most situations turn out as they do, and try as we might influence an outcome, it's ultimately so many different factors that it's more comforting to believe in a point of origin instead of many.

so welcome side glances and unsettled butterflies, i've been aware of your presences for some time now. hello moments of brilliance and exuberant confidences, good morning painful memories, good afternoon altruism and empathy, and good evening lovely confusion.

tonight's homework:

check to see how well your color vision acuity is. 


i am always fascinated that my vision is so bad, but i always get 100% on this.