" the unexpected narrative "


every story has many facets. perspectives are always colored by experience, tradition, ritual, and cultural background. it doesn't take much to process the entire picture when you ask the right questions.

we have fears, we have faith, we have loves and dreams. you must do the very best you can to share your experiences with those around you; it's not enough to merely feel a part of this world, we have the responsibility to find parallels and seek understanding.

many people will see your normal and your truths as strange, curious, or perhaps deviant. but deviating from what? and how? and on which spectrum.

you never know when your particular outlook on life will shift for the better, so you have to remain open to those shifts. change is hard, it is gradual and it remains one of the more difficult aspects of humanity.

but most change is good, healthful, positive, and enlightening. and that is a good reason to participate more with your fellow people. we have come so far, and the road leads to the horizon and beyond.

tonight's homework:

while doing your taxes is arguably one of the more frustrating tasks around this time of year, it is nonetheless something which needs to be accomplished. get a start on it, and save up some more for the realization of a dream.