" the winds are blowing "


i have actively begun searching and defining for those activities which make me feel alive.

to know of such happiness, to have a definition and share it with everyone i meet, is one of my longterm goals. we spend so much time in our life weighed down in defeat, doubt, woe, and a sense of dread. of course we much feel all of those to know what the other side of those experiences feel like. but now, at the end of a long trip, and the beginning of a new season, i feel that i'm ready to shift everything i've been doing into a higher gear.

a life filled with joys and movement, love and passion, delicious foods, and the highest highs. i want to find and share an elation beyond belief. one which fills you up to the seams with a euphoric light, and buckles at the edges until you are unable to contain all the rays and beams.

this is what i am looking forward to doing with more of my time, and i hope to see you all out there with me along one of the paths.

tonight's homework:

don't purchase a new umbrella, learn to dance between the raindrops.