" third eye vision: note to Self "


whenever i get the feeling that everyone is having a great time without me, i have to take a moment and remember that this is a silly thought. there is no great time without me, because i exist in the world. without me, there is nothing. nothing would exist, no sunlight, so clouds, no weather. no delicious foods, no happinesses, no complete sense of self satisfaction.

there would be nothing at all.

sometimes i forget that you are one of my spirit animals. everyone needs a guide or help every once in a while. there is something about your demeanor that puts me at ease. no longer is there stress or doubt; one can be fully themselves and fully realized in the face of all adversity beyond an arm's reach. this notion brings be solace and a calm which allows me to leave the past behind the moment it is created.

though distance separates us, though communication is intermittent, though life goes on without each other to navigate the trajectories of one another, i exist more completely knowing that you are in the world.

tonight's homework:

go to bed early. wake up rested and ready to kick the upcoming week's ass.