" this is where we find ourselves "


amidst the perhaps oversaturation of both ire over and news regarding being in your thirties, you have to remind yourself that each generation is going through this right now.

teens are talking about their issues, those in their 20's are discussing their particular opinions, woes and social insights, and you begin to see that everyone has a point of view.

i find myself nearing the center of my 30's, and all the news from friends and family around me is of rediscovery and checking off boxes. babies and puppies feature prominently, first homes & mortgages, premium gadgets, gear, and bric-a-brac, a return to childhood loves and collecting through the filter of financial near-stability.

it's no wonder that you could feel the collective social pressure of your entire generation, looming about you and weighing heavily like a massive wave from the open open.

but, everything in due time. be happy for those fortunate enough to afford their interests, for those who are growing their family outward, or finding themselves, or having an emotion at all.

we're always going to be at a point in our lives where we are actively trying to better ourselves, figure it all out, and deconstruct the obstructions to happiness. remember that you are in good company, and we are all here for you, even when you want to quit all social media, move out of the city and to the mountains, and begin a llama farm with no electricity...which is a fine option as well.

tonight's homework:

stay cool. stay cool forever.