" timing timing timing foresight "


almost to a completely fallible fault, i am that slow cooker, the low boil simmering, the long pause between sonatas and codas. there is no depths that can be charted to discern my specific quality of lingering, pace, or patience.

there are the luxurious delicious hours of people-watching. the very languid moments where you can see for certain that something will intersect with something, or someone will cross paths with someone.

it remans one of the more tantalizing, excruciatingly indulgent aspects of my day-to-day. to hold back the encroaching fatigue which ushers in sleep, just to clutch tightly to the reverie and the unfurling of near comatose extended wonderment. 

to have the immense pleasure of being a witness to all the invisible strings which hold us all together, and tie us to our ever-developing narratives.

almost to a fault. in these times spent waiting, observing, feeling it out, i see everything. all of everything, well, most of everything. sometimes i wait so long that no one wants to wait with me. or i fixate so fervently, i do not see something passing right in front of my eyes. but the balance is difficult when these are the curses amongst the blessings.

tonight's homework:

won't you set some time aside, and take a look from my vantage point? spend the time and spend it wisely. slow down. there's only one go-around on this carousel, and the ride is filled with such spectacle.