" tippy tippy tap tap "


cold winds blowing right through the layers. the doors attempt to keep you out with the vacuum created from the heat inside. the windows are dripping with condensation.

indoors, the waft of beers and bodies penetrate the nostrils. the cacophony of laughter, yelling orders, conversations, and amplified music crackle and rupture all ear drums to the delight of all. there are tiny dogs winding their way through the shuffling legs.

first craft brew in hand like a block of ice, and only a few steps past the plink plonk plunk weeooeeooeeoo of the newly fixed pinball machine, everything opens up like a lush garden of delights. all smiling faces all looking, all heralding your arrival with raucous energies.

nothing like the overwhelming wave of happiness which parallels that first slug of ale. tonight is going to be fantastic.

tonight's homework:

enjoy yourself, high-five all your friend, and talk to strangers all night long.