" to catch a breath "


standing on the eastern tower, legs aching, back breaking, lungs screaming.

i the distance, the brilliant reflection of the sun hits the wide waterway bursting it into a thousand sparkles. a water-taxi roars a dirty engine through the channel, the sound echoing off of the building which line the island.

sweat pouring down my face, i close my eyes and take it all in.

this moment, the time, the setting of another sun, my living situation, my finances, my love-life-left-looming-lingering, my heart, mind, body, soul, spirit, friends, family.

overwhelming, and completely normal, it's just another day on earth in this strange city which has held me in place, and set me free.

the moment passes, the boats toddle on by below the length of this bridge. in a flash, i am gone, coasting at 35 miles per hour.

tonight's homework:

too late. tonight is almost over, but if you are still up, exfoliate and floss before going to sleep.