" to continued discovery "


we are continuously observing and finding that we have a strength, a power, a vision, and a known path. how amazing the potential for personal growth and self-improvement in each day. endless opportunity to develop skills, loves, hobbies, relationships, artistic output, positivity, and creativity.

eyes open amidst a looking dark. a wind outside which lashes at the outer walls, and feels like it will breach all defenses.

the smallest spark of light glows and grows inside of us. not and although allowing ourselves to be consumed by fears and apprehension is only a part of overcoming fears and obstacles, nonetheless it remains ever important.

tonight's homework:

think about one aspect of yourself which you are the best at. one which you excel at, and one which you hold dear as a touchstone strength. know this attribute, and then share it with someone else. bring everyone up and leave no one behind.