" to the end of the platform "


here in a flash, gone in a bolt of lightning. we spend so much of our time in the in between. those moments where we are in front of a mirror grooming, or just walking from here to there, or all the time it takes to clip our toenails, or the eons brushing our teeth.

all of them perhaps inelegant, but incredibly necessary. not every second of this life can be masterful, life-altering, or revelatory, but we experience our ups and downs, our proud successes, and our at-rest downtimes.

no breath wasted if it means we push forward, take care of ourselves, make sure our family and friends are well-off, healthy, helped out, and we all make progress.

another year coming hard and fast to the finish line. every moment precious, and each passing minute filled with potential for amazing things to happen.

tonight's homework:

almost midnight on the east coast, and little time left in this day. take a moment, a quiet moment, say your prayers for those who are here with us, and for those who are gone but not forgotten. take a moment for those in the world without, who struggle, and take one for the survivors. count your blessings, and pay it forward.