" toward distant shores "


everything is evident that you are going to do amazing things. you're knowledgable, prepared for most everything, and the opportunity is now unfolding in front of you like postal of infinite possibility.

remain optimistic and put in your best efforts. no one will just hand anything to you on a gilded platter; you must earn your praise. and when received, remain humble, proud, talented, and push forward to better improve yourself, your relationships, your environment, the culture at large, the country, the planet.

it's no small task to be sure, and many have the chance and falter despite their best attempts.

but you've many people who believe in you, and are wishing you the very best of luck in every endeavor.

so walk forward into this new landscape of ever-evolving prospects. you are going to amaze and astound.

tonight's homework:

wish someone well, and make sure that you've done your best to help them along their path.