" trustfall "


just many thanks all around. so many people have lent to me a brief moment of their precious time, in order for me to indulge in one of my interests.

of course it seems to be the most impactful in my life, and of course it is the one made more powerful when someone is on the other side of the lens.

and of course i am eternally, endlessly, humbly grateful for all collaborators, sitters, participants, and kindred spirits. such sublime joys with each shutter click. such calm. such potent magic.

i hope that all whomever choose to sit for me, takes away with them a  sense of contentment, accomplishment, and delight. such simple pleasures and exchanges; therein lies such an alloy whereby we are both better for invoking a mutual creative curiosity.

tonight's homework:

make something. a moment, a physical object, a plan, a wish come true.