" no contest & new shiny things "


wellsir, when it's reached the time, it's reached the time. i have to accept that the world is too vast, too large, and too busy. not in the sense that no one could find the time for my first contest, but without ire or ill-will, i can say that it wasn't a bust.

what it did turn out to be was a testing of the waters. and for that, it has shown me that the web-presence needs to be more and more. not just for hits, counters, analytics boosting, SEO, and comments. this is the presence which will expand my work's ability to be seen and shared beyond the boxes previously created.

so, i am happy to announce the creation of a dedicated tumblr for my ever-growing instant packfilm shots! (http://cbaymilin.tumblr.com/)

you can also choose to follow my FB page and peep my land camera packfilmsplosion album as well if you choose. more options for more fun for more happiness and exploration. someone posted a comment on one of my images yesterday, and i thought i was going to simply thank her, but i said this:

" thank you. it's funny when you see the promise of an image so clear in your head. the light that shows you the idea to be shared. the shapes, and all the elements coming together. especially with the concreteness of this type of instant image; it makes it so everything magical that happens is a blessing, and reminds me why i can go out and make more images each day without hesitation."

and i found myself reengaged, refreshed, and happy to know that at least one person saw that image and was moved.

this is my new hope for the tumblr whatsits; to have another avenue with which to engage and test more bodies of more waters.

so thank you to all who are my loyal appreciators, fans, followers, and supporters. your energy and faith in me and my potential truly propels me forward.

tonight's homework:

as april begins on the first, please remember to pay rent with real money, and secondly and probably more importantly, inspire someone. if you love their work, make sure that they know you feel that way. camaraderie, interaction, shared notes, discussion; these are little gems which artists of all manners flourish upon.