" understanding is a journey "


on the quiet moments where we whisper truths into the air. the words form as a spark in the brain. synapses fire, and forward momentum accelerates.

speaking truths into the room. the sunlight comes in and envelops everything in its path like a veil or shroud of warmth. we hope that all intention is heard, as we wait for responses from the ether.

so many unknowns in our lives, so many questions. so many hopes and dreams, so many dimensions.

i'm trying to resolve the distances between having been utterly alone and enjoying it, and finding myself by myself and melancholy. the universe continues to whirl about as we take our cues from the head, from the heart, from the gut, from the prompts, from other people, from the most beautiful inputs.

to know that without you in it, the world fades in color and texture just a shade. to know that it is very important that you are clear and concise, or in the least clear and honest. to know that your being involved means that you are accountable. such blisses developing and awaiting each time the air passes through your lips and past the teeth.

tonight's homework:

it's worth it, so be about it. there's no other time than now.