" embracing the unknown future "


to know that fear and how very palpable it feels all the time, like a wet cloak about your face. you reach the edge of the dark and leap jump wind in your legs, scatter!

freedom in the scurry away from a fearful past. you bolt and dart and zip past inhibitions! the grass feels amazing on the soles of your feet in near-flight. your libs pump and your chest fills with such a light.

for a moment, your eyes close briefly, and you exist for an eternity in that golden pause. everything is attainable, everything is possible, everything rests on your shoulders, and you can brace the burden.

your newfound confidence bears the mark for all to see, and they follow your lead. we're all in this together, and leave all despair behind us.

you are soaring!

tonight's homework:

treat yo'self!