" unlimited potential "


you are standing before a mirrored reflection of yourself. the components are different, but you are there. the lines are true, the curvatures arc pleasingly. the way everything connects and converges. all the angles aligned, and all the geometry sound.

when you thought of the the infinite blackness of space for the first time, you couldn't sleep. all night long was spent trying to fathom and equate how large the universe was, and in relation how small and insignificant you were.

but day after day and year after year, you realize you are not insignificant. your presence on the planet is felt and known, seen and appreciated. you are one of many, but if you disappeared, you would be missed greatly.

there could be no world without you. no galaxies, no supernovas, no theories of relativity. no snacks, no ice creams, no international travel, no biodiversity, no darwinism, so hot summer nights, no chrysalis, no hope.

you are standing before a version of yourself, and peering into the unknown. fear courses throughout your body, and though you are on the edge of the edge, you know it will be worth it to see what you are capable of. all it takes is a leap of faith.

tonight's homework:

money is temporary, treat for your friend(s).