" vision visualization "


we're continuously attempting to express ourselves in order to make our inner selves exterior. we want to be seen, heard, felt, understood, valued, and cherished. this is a tall order. this is a challenge which may not have a clear definition.

a realistic way of going about it all, is to immerse your energies in the process, a process, any activity which helps to bring to the fore a sense of purpose, passion, and those labors which eke you closer and closer to the core of it all.

insight can have a shape as well. ideas a body, revelations a smell and texture. we are not limited to words on paper anymore.

when you seek an experience, when you can feel out a desired effect or result, but cannot manifest the outcome, take the time to consider the other dimensions.

tonight's homework:

there is no box. there is no container. there are no borders. there is only the infinite, and you can make it all happen today. get it.