" waking up early "


when i was a college undergrad, i used to sleep in until 11am or so. sleeping in was de rigeur, and i relished in offsetting years of early schedules in lieu of a schedule of my own making.

now, years later and well beyond a master's degree, i find that sleeping in is so much more of a rare occurrence. more often than not, i find myself wide away between 6am and 7:30am. 

without fail, when i sleep in a new place, i am up with the sun, and unable to return to a peaceful slumber. i'm not sure if i find it annoying, the inability to wake up late. perhaps it is a mixed blessing, if only for the fact that i can get so much more done in a day's time.

there is something so magical, so serene about a day on the rise. the beautiful quiet whisperings of a morning in formation, and the compete sense of solace. we awake in a world of possibility, where curiosity and the willingness to engage with the outside world is rewarded with a multitude of different experiences.

so rather than abhor it, i embrace the soft dim of daybreak, and miss it terribly when i find myself well past the coming of the dawn.

tonight's homework:

set that alarm for 20 minutes earlier, and tomorrow morning, revel in all a new day has to offer.