" wandering star "


amongst the looming structures on the surface, the subterranean machines shriek and bark. steel to rails, and all manner of jostling locomotion.

to walk through the underground passages in between the near-ceaseless commutes, the long corridors and the hollow hums serves as a momentary respite; a palliative which radiates throughout the body, and allows the mind to rest.

the weight of the city clings to your bones. the cold in the winters and the humidity clutching tight to your skin in the deep of summer. these are extremes in an extreme place. saved by moments of calm, of solace, and finding yourself devoid of the crowd, you can with relieved eyes see the beauty all around.

in the darkest dankest filthiest places, there still shines a loveliness gleaming in the shadows.

tonight's homework:

love the place where you live. take care of it, and take care of yourself.