" we have an idea "


a true collaboration doesn't necessarily require a time restriction. some of my more open-ended collars have been the most fruitful, the most rewarding.

the evolution of an idea, the refinement process, bouts of persistence & procrastination, the lack of ego yet with a specific intention; these are the ingredients for something successful. especially in those projects which evolve from something so small, so casual, we find ourselves thriving and whirling through a vortex of a creative life.

though life will tromp on with it's many soothing caresses and thorny briars in equal measure, through distances between both in geolocation and time, through all the probability that we will not come together, we make a concerted attempt to be true to a vision.

and in the end, we find ourselves newly made each time.

tonight's homework:

have a belief in the process, remain honest with yourself and your potential, and then seek out to redefine the parameters of your output. there are diamonds there just beneath the topsoil.