" well being "


many blessings and best of luck. now it's not just about yourselves. glances change, the demeanor will evolve, sounds will shift and vary in their weight. all good things, all good things.

when you awoke this morning, it was again a whole new opportunity, to prove your quality to yourself, to others, to each other. within the walls of the house, the level of acuity has gone up, the level of awareness will have risen as well. it is all about a shared life, and the trajectory has not much as altered, as it has hurtled slightly forward.

and what a time to witness. life and the meaning of all things within it are now so sweet, so focused, and how marvelous every new possibility becomes. 

welcome to the world anew, and i send to you the most well wishes. you will always have this moment.

tonight's homework:

smile your face into a wrinkle; no one said smoothness has to be the evergreen template of choice. live a little. live a lot, but live! make it count.